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A Perfect Example Why Court Reporters are Necessary

 Monday, February 6th, 2017

In a recent speech delivered by press secretary Sean Spicer, a comment taken out of context and blown out of proportion created quite a stir. Matters only seemed to be worsened when the senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway backed the story with the now famous hashtag “alternative facts.” While we aren’t pointing out these statements to jump into any political bullpen, we are directing your attention to why court reporters are necessary and using these examples to demonstrate.

While there is no hard-core evidence that Mr. Spicer had reviewed his speech with a stenographer report, it’s almost certain that he relied on his television recording to ensure he said what he had. Often when we are delivering a speech or making a public statement, it can be quickly forgotten or misconstrued. By having reliable sources to give references such as a recorded statement whether it’s by video, audio or shorthand, you can rest assure that your dialogue was precise.

We can’t be 100% certain someone has said what they have without such tools. People only hear approximately 20% of any given message. When it comes to important events, recording such speeches and other announcements is invaluable.

In this case, where Conway tries to back up Spicer, she creates a whole new meaning with her new tagline “Alternative Facts.” Had she gone back and reviewed the tapes, then discussed with the press she may have created a more positive message.

Words are literal. Perhaps that’s why scholars call it, ‘Literature’?  With all the insane rhetoric people tend only to hear what matters to them whether it’s right or wrong. One simple word was missed, which was the word AND. Let’s review:

Spicer “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period — both in person and around the globe,”

People were fuming as the images of the crowd revealed much less attendance than in previous inaugurations. The point is one word missed gave a whole different meaning. For this reason, alone, stenographers, court reporters, and transcribers are invaluable assets who deliver accurate recordings of any dialogue of great importance.

We know there will most likely continue to be more speeches given from the Whitehouse over the next four years, let’s just say any of our judicial reporters should have a constant amount of work. That work is crucial to staying on point in any trial or other legal and historical message.

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  • It's interesting that people only hear about 20% of any given message. This shows how necessary it is to have proper documentation of court cases and public statements. If I ever get into legal trouble, I will definitely keep in mind to hire a court reporter.

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