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Could Trump Be Boosting the Use of Stenographers?

 Monday, February 6th, 2017

While we are all exhausted from the first week of President Donald Trump taking office, we would like to remind our viewers, at least he’s keeping stenographers and transcribers employed. While using court reporters is a positive for the people who are working with he and his constituents, there’s more to the picture than meets the eye. In this blog, we point out some positive aspects of stenographers and those who work in close collaboration with members of Congress and how this president may be boosting positions.

Everyone knows that anytime that Congress has a pow wow there’s always a reporter or stenographer recording their every word. Within his first week in office, he’s been in front of news reporters and his team more times than any other president in history. Each time he appears in front of these folks, a certified reporter must record the minutes. Since this president seems to love the limelight, he’s seemingly having a multitude of televised meetings alerting the American people on his agenda. This happens to be a positive for the court reporters and transcriptionists who are employed for the numerous meetings.

In addition to the mandatory meetings, the staff who is responsible for recording with accuracy are none other than the court reporters.

A court reporters position during the presidential debates, conferences, etc., may not ever cross the average person’s mind. However, these qualified individuals are essential to the process. Just think of the many times that the representative speakers may have had to go back and read the transcripts to defend their previous statements. Reviewing reports happens ALL THE TIME!

Without a doubt, this past year’s election has brought us plenty of angst felt around the country. However, the need for court reporters, video reporters, audio recordings, and transcribers has never been more prevalent than what we are seeing in the Whitehouse today.

The need for people to accurately record depositions, trials and any other legal dialogue will never be dismissed. While we’re sure, you would agree, having the conversation in text form is an invaluable tool that keeps everyone honest.

We’re sure that the President of the United States would agree, having someone recording his every word, is imperative to running a fair country.

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