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Get Better Communication Access Realtime Translation Results

 Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a speech to text interpreting system that is used during court proceedings. This method of transcription is used in colleges and universities, including places for people with hearing loss. Here are a few helpful hints on how to get the most out of CART for depositions and court reporting.

Using CART should be done with the use of a skilled reporter. Because there is very little lag time it’s important to reduce misunderstandings and strive for accuracy. This is an electronic system, and CART doesn’t always understand people’s speech, dialects, accents, voice tone and inflection. It’s a program that required practice to become productive. Just as the use of a stenograph is important, so is the use of using a program such as CART.

Your stenograph machine needs to be up to date. Older equipment doesn’t always work well with CART reporting. Some of the most advanced machines are making their way into the courthouse like the Diamante. This machine is one of the most reliable and efficient writing machines around South Florida. Regardless if you are using another machine, make sure that yours is compatible with CART.

According to the National Association of Court Reporters, if you are using CART during a legal setting where people who are hard of hearing are present, one should do the following: Accept assignments using discretion, with regard to skill, setting, and the consumers involved, and accurately represent the provider’s qualifications for CART.

Another point the NCRA has included is to refrain from working in the dual capacity of official reporter of the proceedings and as CART captioner at the same time. If there aren’t two people present to handle both CART and as an official reporter for the courts, then a full disclosure must be made to the court and its respective parties informing them they have the option to read the display screen from the official reporter. However, the sounds in the court such as coughing or voice inflection will not be included on the screen.

Using the software as well as the stenograph machine should also require a court reporter to be competent to troubleshoot both the hardware and software of the machines. During a court session, you can have very little down time and need to know how to make any repairs quickly to save the court time and money. If you do run into a situation where your machine or program has technical difficulties, let council know immediately to resolve the problem.

These are just a few simple tips to help those who use CART become more efficient and get the results the clients and lawyers are seeking.

For more information on using CART, please visit the NCRA website:



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