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How to Be a Successful Court Reporter in Miami for 2017

 Monday, February 6th, 2017

Holding a career as a court reporter in South Florida can be a very lucrative position. Whether you’re a freelance stenographer or transcriptionist, or you work for one of the agencies, there’s always work to be done. We wanted to point out a few ways for our rookie reporters to get out there and get their feet wet striving toward being successful.

First, you’ll want to be sure to get your certification. While some people may feel that isn’t necessary it’s important to uphold a title that supports our judicial system. Your certification gives others the confidence you are capable and have the skill set required for accurately recording trials, depositions, and other important conversations.

Furthermore, you will also want to practice, practice and practice! You have an obligation to type between 180 – 225 wpm. A champion court reporter will type up to 300 wpm without a flinch. The first id accuracy then speeds and always keep perfecting your craft. This will always bring to the top of any corporate ladder.

Next, network with the right people. As a new reporter, you may not always have the luxury of knowing a ton of attorneys or legal entities. You can get your foot into many doors by only joining a few associations, going to networking groups for legal members and by reaching out to agencies such as the Honorable Reporting Services.

In addition to reaching out to organizations that employ reporters, joining organizations such as the Florida Court Reporting Association can prove to be invaluable. These types of non-profits are there to support the profession of court reporting. If you’re a student, then this can be an extremely useful tool, as you’ll be talking shop with experienced stenographers and video reporters that can lead you down the road to achievement.

Another avenue to take that can be a little more challenging is to connect with attorneys as well as paralegals. Find out from them who orders court reporters or hires them whether it’s a freelance or agency they use. By directly contacting the law office, you may get lucky to find out who they use and how they hire. However, most times they are busy and won’t have a chance to discuss who their ‘go to’ is for stenography.

Whether you find your way to advance with a local law office or through an agency such as ours, you can make 2017 your power play year for finding work. Believe it; there’s plenty of it if you just go for it!

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