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The Secret of a Court Reporter

 Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Court reporters, stenographers and transcriptionists have belonged to the legal system for decades. They are the unsung heroes of the court team or law firm that serve a significant purpose while remaining silent during the interim. While these individuals work diligently to record testimony, and the words were spoken by all who are involved in a trial their presence is often forgotten. These noteworthy representatives of the court and judicial system are invaluable members as aids to what should be anyone’s fairness during a trial.

It’s no secret that today the court system allows some flexibility toward things like depositions and transcripts are not always accurate. While this may be seemingly correct, there’s no mystery to our court reporters they must maintain a 98% accuracy rating to be considered. These word warriors plunk away at their stenograph effortlessly with one thing on their mind, getting it right. One word or mispronunciation could kill the innocence of someone who is standing trial. These individuals who view shorthand as a way of life, know the importance of every character found in that document and what it could mean for someone’s demise. They quietly carry this burden with them to and from court each day protecting the integrity of what’s in the documents.

Along with their typed records, they must never reveal what is happening during a trial or court proceeding. They are held in high regard to obtaining any confidentiality. In other words, they can’t discuss the outcomes or what’s happening to journalists. It is their responsibility to uphold their character and value the process set forth by the judicial system.

While their jobs may seem ambiguous or even cryptic at times, they maintain the moral fiber that is expected of them to proceed.

If the court systems decide there would no longer be court reporters referencing a transcript would become null and void. Without court reporters, a case could have a multitude of issues including tampering with transcripts. Their jobs aren’t only a crucial part of the trial, what’s included in the transcripts are vital to any judge’s final decisions.

In the event a person decides to represent themselves during the trial, and can’t afford legal fees, the court system may fail. Often court reporters are hired by the legal team. If someone can’t afford a court reporters fees, then it’s important for the court systems to provide them with one. Can you imagine the inferiority of this situation and how it could harm someone who is innocent?

The secret of a court reporter is they know litigants deserve a fair trial. They are also aware that it’s their job to be accurate and to keep the confidence to ensure there aren’t any detrimental outcomes. That’s one secret they are sure to reveal.

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