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Tips for Court Reporters and Getting Correct Names

 Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Tips for Court Reporters and Getting Correct Names

Accuracy remains on the forefront of a court reporter’s responsibility. As legal professionals, it’s up to you to understand the importance of being meticulous with things like the proper spelling of one’s name, a business entity, and a proper name suffix.  These sometimes can be difficult to obtain. In situations such as language barriers, hard to hear responses and faulty equipment the court reporter must do the right thing to be correct. Here are a few tips to help remind you how to be more precise when asking for the correct names.

Ask to go off record if you are having a difficult time hearing or making out what the person is telling you.

If you are having a difficult time with things like language, ask the attorney to view your “real screen” to show clarification of what you hear the person saying.

Remain impartial in every situation.  Don’t get discouraged or frustrated.  This can be one of the most challenging aspects of your career. The more neutral you are, the more professional you will appear. Becoming anxious when transcribing will only make the job harder.

Even with an interpreter present it can be hard to understand the person’s response. It’s up to the transcriptionist or stenographer to take down the correct information. If the response or statement is half English, half Spanish for example. It’s imperative that the reporter understand what to do.  Remind the attorney that the deponent must speak in English and in first person.

When asking for the person’s name, follow up by asking if there is a middle name. Be sure to include post-nominal letters and suffix when necessary.

Never assume expediency, even when spelling common and traditional names. A person may spell the name John or Jon.  Since these are legally binding documents, it’s crucial to be precise.

Rather than asking someone in a question/answer format, set up the conversation as colloquy for greater accuracy.

Having a clean record and being efficient as a Court Reporter are your duties.  The more careful you are and the more you take precautionary measure to ensure your documents are correct, makes you appear as a proficient representative of the Miami court.

Remember to stay neutral and don’t let the top dogs scare you. The State of Florida is counting on you to bring the case justice by delivering documentation that’s flawless. By using these tips, you’ll improve your depositions and transcripts a great deal.

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